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Grandmaster Brian Gray

  Grandmaster Brian Gray, who founded the Shao Lin San Kung Fu Temple in 1971, is considered by most experts to be the world’s leading authority on the subject of the Chinese Iron Palm. He has been called the “Father of the Iron Palm in America,” because he was the first person to lift the veil of secrecy and reveal the ancient training methods of this well-guarded, secret art to the general public. Before Grandmaster Gray began publishing the knowledge of this art, the Chinese Iron Palm was known to only a handful of Kung Fu masters worldwide and was destined to become lost forever, since these masters would have preferred to take the knowledge of this art with them to their graves. Grandmaster Gray wrestled with the very difficult decision to break with centuries of unforgiving tradition that forbade teaching outsiders, and finally decided that he would rather see this art brought back from the brink of extinction. He published his first article on the subject for Inside Kung Fu magazine in 1985. Thousands of requests came in overnight from around the world, and Grandmaster Gray decided that he would have to stay involved from then on to make sure that the ever-present frauds would not destroy the validity of this ancient art by their misrepresentations. Due to the large number of continuous requests, Grandmaster Gray wrote articles for the magazines for over twenty-five years, published books and produced videos to help people who sincerely wanted to learn the art correctly.

Cover of Inside Kung Fu

Grandmaster Brian Gray on the cover in 1985


Grandmaster Brian Gray shown demonstrating the Iron Palm for Japanese National Television when the Ako Ni Omikasa television show filmed in New York, July 1995.

Annual World Iron Palm Conference

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